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” He went on: “Yes, the Bible talks against consorting with beasts but in other parts it is allowed…especially to satisfy a woman’s needs when her man is away. I scooted around so the tip of Duke’s dick was positioned and I could just, you know, scoot a little closer; the tip pointing right at my cunt…like an arrow pointed at its target…I was quivering…I moved a little more and was just in the right place now…I could move a little, the dog still panting, licking my face kind of in gratitude I guess, and then I lifted my leg over his body, opening myself for insertion.

Hentai: (C87) [Zeroshiki (Kabosu)] Primary Target -Zenpen- (Haikyuu!!) [English] [UnmeiNoChance]

Primary Target 1Primary Target 2Primary Target 3Primary Target 4Primary Target 5Primary Target 6Primary Target 7Primary Target 8Primary Target 9Primary Target 10Primary Target 11Primary Target 12Primary Target 13Primary Target 14Primary Target 15Primary Target 16Primary Target 17Primary Target 18Primary Target 19Primary Target 20Primary Target 21Primary Target 22Primary Target 23Primary Target 24Primary Target 25Primary Target 26Primary Target 27Primary Target 28Primary Target 29Primary Target 30Primary Target 31Primary Target 32Primary Target 33Primary Target 34Primary Target 35Primary Target 36Primary Target 37Primary Target 38Primary Target 39Primary Target 40Primary Target 41Primary Target 42Primary Target 43Primary Target 44Primary Target 45Primary Target 46Primary Target 47Primary Target 48Primary Target 49Primary Target 50Primary Target 51Primary Target 52Primary Target 53Primary Target 54Primary Target 55Primary Target 56Primary Target 57Primary Target 58Primary Target 59Primary Target 60Primary Target 61Primary Target 62Primary Target 63Primary Target 64Primary Target 65Primary Target 66Primary Target 67Primary Target 68Primary Target 69Primary Target 70

(C87) [零式 (かぼす)]Primary target-前編- (ハイキュー!!) [英訳]

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