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oh and see if you wanted to come to ver for diner” I finally regain consciousness of what I was there for

“ oh well certainly honey come sit next to your old aunty” she sits up right her robe open up and I can see my aunt big tits, perfectly round gift from her genetics with tiny pink erect nipples I cannot stop staring

“Oh my I’m sorry about that honey” she covers up and begins to laugh and motions me over to sit down, I walk over nervously breathing heavily as my aunt gave me a fully hard on cock by just flashing her breast

“ sorry about that I know young kids don’t want to see old lady breast” she starts to laugh

“They’re not saggy” I whisper

“What was that honey” she raises her left eyebrow and gives me a seductive look

I begin to stutter not knowing what to say I just continuously talk not making sense

“Well your not old aunty, and I just meant you have a perfect body that anyone would want, you’re in such good shape your breast aren’t even saggy they’re perfect” I look the opposite way avoiding eye contact as I finish my sentence

“Oh really”

I can sense her stand up I do everything n my power to avoid looking in her direction but then sense her in front of me she sits down on my lap and lays her hands on my shoulders I can feel her warm pussy against me I cannot believe what is going on, she slides her hand down my chest and abs bringing them back towards herself she undoes her robe and lets it slide of her body slowly as it hits the floor I’m not sure how much longer I can look the opposite way as she can obviously feel the tent she has created in my pants

She leans in and whispers in my ear

“I thought I had a sexy body. Jav [VISCO/NeoGeo] Tia Langray From Breakers… ama.

Hentai: [Muji no Kabegami (Shiro Enogu)] Ore-tachi Tomodachi desu! (Naruto)

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