[Agata] Musuko Jiman (COMIC Shingeki 2013-09) [Chinese]

“Only a Lord or a person of Lordly title can have reservations on anything even bar stools in shit covered pubs. ” The obese man looks baffled for a second then decides your a fucking lunatic and rushes at you with a almost bewitched speed for a man of his girth.

Hentai: [Agata] Musuko Jiman (COMIC Shingeki 2013-09) [Chinese]

Musuko Jiman 1Musuko Jiman 2Musuko Jiman 3Musuko Jiman 4Musuko Jiman 5Musuko Jiman 6Musuko Jiman 7Musuko Jiman 8Musuko Jiman 9Musuko Jiman 10Musuko Jiman 11Musuko Jiman 12Musuko Jiman 13Musuko Jiman 14Musuko Jiman 15Musuko Jiman 16Musuko Jiman 17Musuko Jiman 18Musuko Jiman 19Musuko Jiman 20Musuko Jiman 21Musuko Jiman 22Musuko Jiman 23Musuko Jiman 24

[アガタ]息子自慢(COMIC 真激 2013年9月号) [中国翻訳]

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