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The last thing Tomi thought about before slipping off into dreamland was the she certainly wasn't cold anymore!!!”

THE END. Cum Eating [2: Erotic: Erotic Creampie From Pussy… ” After those few words she slipped back into unconsciousness and with a great deal of effort Dalas dragged the woman through the snow and into her tent! She struck a match and lit the propane lantern and got her first look at lost stranger! “My god,” she gasped, “she's just a kid, not more than eighteen or nineteen years old!” After sticking her hand inside the young woman's shirt to check her body temperature, Dallas realized immediately that unless she got warm in a hurry, there was a good chance she would die! It took a good five minutes, but she was finally able to strip the cold wet clothing off and tug the young woman into her sleeping bag.

Hentai: (C91) [Atemonai Heya (Gochou, Hormone)] Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 1Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 2Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 3Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 4Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 5Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 6Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 7Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 8Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 9Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 10Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 11Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 12Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 13Kanmusu, Muichaimashita. 14

(C91) [あてもない部屋 (伍長、ホルモン)]艦娘、剥いちゃいました。(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)

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