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” She waited patiently while Emma removed her jacket and was a little taken aback by the size of the older woman's chest! To say the least she was very busty indeed! Brenda was about to take the bust measurements when just as calm a cool as you please Emma also slipped off her silk blouse, leaving her standing their in her bra and skirt!

Momentarily flustered, Brenda's hands shook slightly but she managed to slip the tape around Emma's massive chest whereupon she said aloud, “Forty four inches on the bust, now for the hips!” Again she was taken by surprise when Emma quickly slid off her skirt and slip leaving her in only her panties and bra. ” Brenda couldn't pull her eyes from the bulging organ that puffed obscenely towards her, and much to her consternation she realized that she had absentmindedly begun rubbing her pussy through her jeans! Emma smiled sweetly at the frightened young woman, and with a come hither to gesture stuck out her arms and beckoned Brenda to come to her!

It was really like a magnet! The incredible attraction of Emma's fat pussy was literally over powering! With a shudder rumbling through her, Brenda dropped to her knees between the old woman's open thighs and without so much as a hint of hesitation pressed her mouth directly into the dense hair pie! “Oh fuck that's good,” Emma groaned, “mmmmmmm, baby, that's it, do mama's fat clit for her!!!” Emma just love having young women orally satisfy her, and Brenda was fast on her way to becoming a prized pupil! While the overheated little slut ate her drenched vagina, Emma pulled one of her huge nipples to her mouth and began sucking it in perfect time with Brenda's lappings! For the next ten minutes it was all Emma could do to keep from losing her nut right then and there! For a beginner Brenda had a fantastic affinity for clit licking, and while she tried to hold back, it was only a matter of time before her big cunt spasmed hard two or three times before wrenching a mind blowing climax directly into the mouth of the hot tongued cunt lapper!!!

“G-good god,” Emma gasped while still in a state of total and utter satisfaction, “you are a fucking wonder, I'd love to take you home with me!!!” After giggling nervously while wiping Emma's pussy juice from her chin, and her own pussy begging for release, Brenda shoved down her jeans and panties and buried three fingers deep inside of her over heated muff! Seeing the slim young woman frantically masturbating only several feet from her was more than Emma could take! Dropping her own fingers into her cunt she joined Brenda as the two of them fingered themselves to orgasms that left them both gasping for breath and wondering if their hearts would burst through their chests!!!

When she finally regained her senses Brenda asked quietly, “Now, would like to try on a bra your own size?!?”


Hentai: (C95) [Zensoku Rider (Tenzen Miyabi)] Inu Zombie Land Koubi (Zombie Land Saga)

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(C95) [漸速ライダー (天漸雅)]犬ゾンビランド交尾(ゾンビランドサガ)

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