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He would make sure Jessica got in safely and would then leave , usuall with James who would be forced to drive his wife who taught the class and daughter to the class ever since her DUI on a drunken Friday night , they would usually stop at a betting shop around the corner and kill some time before they had to collect their family members,
By the age of ten Jessica was taking part in little performances each month to showcase talented students to parents and guardians, this was no different appart from the fact Mark had to take Jessica to see her grandmother on her mothers side afterwards (boy they hated each other and have done ever since a 34 year old mark got her 18 year old daughter pregnant)
Mark watched as Jessica came out in her tight leotard her boyish frame could easily be made out andher dirty blonde hair had been tied tightly behind her head in a little bun , her baby blue eyes met his as she came out to perform but as marks eyes looked down the tanned skin of his lithe young daughter he noticed something between his daughters legs he could see an indentation running right along the middle with two cushiony mounds of flesh either side, his daughter had major cameltoe , as he watched her cartwheel forward into the splits leaning her body down her leg he could see the outline of her firm ass , all the while thinking how he shouldn't be looking and how embarresed she should be to know of her wardrobe malfunction, however he resisted looking all the way through her performance knowing it was wrong to look at his daughter in such a way,
As Jessica was the last to perform mark would have to wait after for her to get ready to visit grandma but after half an hour and with mostly everyone else gone he grew impatient Knowing that she would probably be talking to someone he went into the locker room to tell her they had to go , but as he entered the locker room he could hardly believe his eyes , there she was , leotard pulled down freeing her arms and chest to the cold locker room air , her tiny pink nipples as hard as the cock that was in her mouth , his daughter was sucking on James' cock like a pro both her tiny hands around the shaft , the helmet in her mouth lips tightly pursed around it sucking hard as James had a grip of her hair forcing her to bob up and down, he recognised the “guh guh ” noises she made instantly and realised just how well she was giving head, parental instincts kicking in he marched over shouting “what the fuck” ad he gripped James by the throat pressing him against the locker, “please stop !” James cried out ” I swear I never fucked her. .

Hentai: Genshin erotic image summary!

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