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that is when it happened I remember laying on my mothers side of the bed and I saw her bedroom door open I saw that it was Brian the older brother who was now our babysitter walk in it was kinda dark in my Mothers room so I did not think anything of it I fell back to sleep the next thing I remember I felt Brian take my hand and place inside his underwear I had never felt anyones penis but my own I could feel that it was really hard and made little jerking motions I pulled my hand away and became very scared I kept thinking to myself this is wrong what was he doing then I rolled over still pretending to be asleep I felt him lay on his side and get really close to me grinding his hard dick against my butt slowly he then whispered in my ear I know your awake and were going to have a little fun I could not move I seemed to be pararylyzed i then felt him reach down and he started to unbotton my jeans and pulled them off and then he turned me back on my side I feel his hot breath on the back off my neck and he started to kiss and lick my neck I hated was he was doing and felt disgusted then he pulled my shirt off so all i had on were my white hanes briefs he began kissing down my back licking until he got to the elastic waistband of my underwear he then tugged at them pulling them down slowly all the while kissing my butt cheeks I then screamed out in anger “what are you doing this is wrong” he then placed his hand over my mouth and got really close to my face and grabbed my hair and pulled hard and said “I told you we are going to have some fun, if I here anything out of you again I will beat the shit out of you” and dont you ever tell anyone what I am doing and going do to you he then pulled my underwear from around my ankles he grabbed both of my legs and twisted me over on my stomach I begged him to stop but he punched me in the back of my head “shut-up you little pussy” trust me you'll like it he then roughly grabbed by butt cheeks and spread them as far apart as they would go and he started to lick my asshole very lightly at first running his toungue up and down the entire length off my small crack then stopping probing it in and out all around my virgin hole I just lay there crying wondering why he was doing this to me it seemed to go on forever he then turned me over picked my legs up and threw them over my head and thrust his tongue again into my hole he then started to suck and lick all over my little balls and taking my now hard little boner in his mouth he stopped and then got some spit and some of the clear liquid from his penis and rubbed it all over the head and pressed his dick against my virgin asshole rubbed it up and down the crack of my ass and then stopped at my hole and pressed as hard he could until I felt this extreme pain I screamed out he then placed his mouth over my mine and began to dig deep into my ass with his big dick I begged him to take it out but he just kept in holding it deep inside me all the while tonguing me in my mouth he then proceed to fucking me for what seemed like forever then he was doing it really hard I felt his dick start to get really big and felt it jerking again and this hot liquid filled my hole I thought he has pissed in me but I later found out it was cum he then took his dick out of my ass and told me to clean it up with my tongue tasting his cum made me gag but i did what i was told he then grabbed me by my face and said don't tell anyone or I will hurt you and your mother this is the end of what i can remember when it all started will continue to part 2 later. .

Hentai: Beastars M/F ビースターズ

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